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Paul A. DiMatteo

Just as the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo's David are each pieces of personally crafted art, a monument company's carvings will differ in some way to that of every other monument company. It is for this very important reason, that you understand that no two monuments, from two different monument companies are exactly alike. They may be of the same granite, and have the same design, but the talent of each memorial artist is what makes each monument different.

For three generations Maine Memorial Co. has been helping families show their love and respect in ways that are as unique as they are permanent. As one of greater Portland's most respected memorialists, we understand that each memorial is a work of art. Let us help you create a memorial that honors your memories. When only the best will do for your family, call ours.

Paul A. DiMatteo, a third generation stone cutter and memorial artist, would like to personally welcome you to the Maine Memorial Co. website. Simply, click the link to the right for a video introduction.

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